Chelsea Klette. 


A Canadian photographer 

born and raised on the prairies of Saskatchewan.


I am passionate about storytelling and photography as a means to narrate your story
— Chelsea Klette

With over a decade of experience shooting, taking her all over the world, Chelsea believes that we all have a unique story to share. Her work is created with deep intention and from the heart. She captures people in their best selves,  delivering images to her clients that take thier breath away, that lead them back to that moment in time, where they feel a rush of emotion and experience a connection.  

Photography that is true to your story, framed in time. Your experience, recorded in a thoughtful way.

Her work has been featured in Lenses and Lemonade, Lululemon and Wedding Bells. Photographing weddings across the world, musicians, yoga instructors, artists and wonderful families and couples. 

She looks forward to keeping your story alive through beautiful, thoughtful and artistic images.